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First steps towards getting the SEO right for toysshare


It is a long way to get the SEO right – if you have seen my previous Blogshot on SEO you have already read the basic articles that I found very helpful on getting me started on the right track. If you haven’t read it here is the link.

Here I am going to design my own SEO strategy as an experiments based on those articles. This is an experiment that I am starting now and as I move forward with each steps I will keep on posting detail on how did I go about it. I am also planing on documenting the results better or worse.  That way we will end up building a blog on Do’s and don’ts of SEO.

My starting points are very basic and most of you know it, but I am documenting that here anyway for those who might be benefited from that:

  1. Even before you get started building your website spend enough time on deciding and getting a very relevant domain name.
  2. Figure out your audience, and understand the audience. So you can deliver relevant and helpful content.


Title, description and meta tags are very important to get the SEO right, the very basics that should be followed are:

  1. Title should be very relevant and up to 60 characters.
  2. Description – is usually the snippet that appears under your website when the search results are returned. Try to keep it relevant and up to 150 characters. Or it will be cut off when the search results are returned.

If you are trying to figure out whether you need to hire SEO or not, here is a link which I found very useful:

Here is my simple strategy going forward to improve SEO on the toysshare:

  1. Make the website google friendly – here is the reference article and link to a very useful experiment.
  2. Figure out relevant keywords to reach the right audience. Here is the reference article.
  3. Optimize the site for the identified keywords. Here is the reference article.
  4. Submitting the site to different online directory. I am trying this because of this experiment. Here is the reference article.
  5. Of course view the Google webmaster tools and Google Analytics through out the process so that we know what is working and what is not.

In the next post we will go over step #1- Making the website google friendly.

Mysql Server Optimization Blogshot


Here I am listing some articles that I found very useful in doing the mysql server performance tuning.

Mysql performance running Optimizing the MySQL Server
This section discusses optimization techniques for the database server, primarily dealing with system configuration rather than tuning SQL statements. The information in this section is appropriate for DBAs who want to ensure performance and scalability across the servers they manage; for developers constructing installation scripts that include setting up the database; and people running MySQL themselves for development, testing, and so on who want to maximize their own productivity.

How to Optimize a Mysql Server
Before talking specifically about the MySQL server, we need to discuss three topics often overlooked when setting up a MySQL server: the hardware configuration of the server, the networking setup of the server, and the optimization of the source code of the application that will access the MySQL server.

Optimizing mysql response timeMysql Database Performance tuning and Optimize Mysql Database response time
Performance tuning and Optimize Mysql Database response time is very important for your website or your application to run efficiently.Now we will see each one separately how todo this.

mysql performance tuning MySQL Performance Tuning Scripts and Know-How
Unless you are a MySQL performance tuning expert, or a total linux-freak-guru like myself, and even if you are, it can be enormously challenging and somewhat overwhelming to locate and eliminate MySQL bottlenecks. While many DBAs focus on improving the performance of the queries themselves, this post will focus on the highest-impact items: MySQL Server Performance and OS Performance for MySQL.

This post is a “best-of” compilation of the tricks and scripts I have found to be the most effective over the past decade. I’d like to write a 50 page article but am limiting this to 1 page.

Using MySQLTuner to Optimize MySQL configuration
Tweaking MySQL is something you need to do regularly. Unlike PHP & Nginx tweaking, this is not a set & forget job!

We will use mysqltuner for tweaking mysql on a regular basis.

MySQLTuner is a script written in Perl that allows you to review a MySQL installation quickly and make adjustments to increase performance and stability. The current configuration variables and status data is retrieved and presented in a brief format along with some basic performance suggestions.