Setting up Helidigizen


While we were going through the design and development phases for – we realized that working with an outsourcing company had to be handled a lot differently then working with an in house development team. As we moved through the we got fairly aware of things that you need to keep in mind while you are working with an outsourcing company – and it eventually became a usual practice for us.

At that point we decided we should form a consultation firm “Helidigizen” – that can help people go through the outsourcing process. ¬†Essentially helping companies get their idea executed to a final product but guiding them through all the steps from defining SOW, getting in touch with right outsourcing company, ¬†and helping them out with the communication and execution during all the following steps,

  1. Design Phase
  2. Development Phase
  3. Testing Phase
  4. Deployment Phase or Beta Launch

We take care of choosing the right outsourcing model, choosing the right company and all the midnight communication needed through the proper execution of the project for them. And since we have gone through the process our selves multiple times it comes naturally to us on how to get the best results from the outsourcing company for the money.

It makes complete sense to get the project executed through us for all as we work with the outsourcing company on a long term basis, we have a trust relationship already built with them. As a result we have a much easier communication channel with them. For the outsourcing company too as they are dealing with the same people frequently it just becomes much more simpler. We already have some standard procedures setup and they don’t have to keep on revising them for each of our clients. This way we can achieve the results much faster which translates into increased efficiency!!

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