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SEO when to start working on it?


It is very important to figure out what is the right time to get started on the “SEO” for the website. It is never too early to start. Before even going into the “Design Phase” it is best to think about “SEO” as well. Of course you can always add keywords and description meta tags. But google also wants to see how many of your key words actually shows up on your page content and how many times – that is the basis of the content keyword for Google. So if you want your web page to show up on certain type of search results you need to keep that in mind while you are designing the webpage layouts and figuring out the web page contents.

The rate at which google will crawl your page also depends on how many websites are linked to your site. If you are going to be launching a new website it is going to take some time before there are links to your website on the internet. In that situation – you should keep in mind that google does not cache your pre-beta version – as it will take time before google decides to crawl your page again and caches the actual live version.

If you want your website to show up under some key word search results – it is important to incorporate the key words in the tagline, on the page content, on the page title and so on. This is extremely important for the google’s content keyword relevance. It is a good idea even to use the Rich Snippet – that way you will have control on what is shown as snippet when google returns the search results.

In the next post we will go over how to work with Rich Snippet!

PS: I know this is a deviation from the outsourcing topic, but I think it is best to cover both in parallel. We made a mistake of not worrying about “SEO” during our design and development phase – and I did not want people to repeat the same so I am going to cover SEO and Development Phase in parallel.