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Posted by: hiral & jay On Date 2008-04-09 19:30:00

wooowwwww, u guys did amazing job, good compilation of everything , we miss India too. keep going guys!!!!!

Posted by: mihir On Date 2008-01-14 09:39:25

i like the movie reviews...but d best thing is those gujarati lakhan,specially those romantic ones!!

Posted by: digish On Date 2007-11-14 19:20:44

fantastic website... keep the updates coming!

Posted by: Heli On Date 2007-11-14 19:09:21

અને આ ગુજરાતી મા...

Posted by: Heli On Date 2007-11-14 19:01:23

Another one, Again just checking...

Posted by: Heli On Date 2007-11-14 18:59:16

Hi All, just implemented the guest book. This is my first post, just testing if everything is working right.