"Rockstar" - left me speechless for a little while when it ended. It was that good!!! I had no expectations from the movie. I think the promos of the movie does not do justice to it. Imtiaz Ali has been my favorite since the days of "Socha na Tha" but I thought how would he handle a movie on "Rockstar" he is a romantic movie maker... but I had to watch the movie as it was Imtiaz and AR Raheman. And I am glad I did. It is an amazing experience... The music grows on you as you watch the movie...There are no forced songs... no breaking down in the dance sequence... the songs actually move the stories with it.. a few song are just like theme through out the movie! The screen play is outstanding and so is the cinemetography. The subject has been handled beautifully and the fact I like about the movie is there are no explanation no reasoning... it is just a life potrayed right in front of you... and that is what made the movie work for me... Having no expectations worked for me because that is how I was able to enjoy a completely different level of connection with the movie!! Keep this in mind, the movie in no way is relatable... and that is what is different in this one compared to Imitiaz's earlier work and a plesant surprise... He is truly a great writer/director for coming up with a vision and executing it with perfection! And what to say about Ranbir Kapoor....he has done a fantastic job! He carries the movie and produces a fantastic performance as a common college student and as an infamous "Rockstar"...Nargis Fakhri does a good job as a first timer for potraying the role of "Heer Kore"! Beautiful locales of north india and prague gives a great touch!! Movie has so many high points, great writing/direction by Imtiaz Ali, near perfect performance by Ranbeer/Nargis and the whole supporting cast, great locales of Kashmir/Prague, great music by AR Raheman, beautifully worded song the list is endless.... it is a completely different experience and no one should miss it!! It is great that bollywood is experimenting with different subject lines and that too with such a finness!! The best part of the movie is the end... may be not for the masses but that is what makes it above all... Can't imagine what is next in Imtiaz Ali's bag of thoughts but I sure can't wait for it... For me this is way above all the first three movies of Imitiaz Ali combined! And mind well I absolutely love all three (Sochha Na Thaa, Jab We Met and Love Aaj Kal)... The movie is beyond * ratings!!

Patiala House:
Last night I gave another chance to "Patiala House" - before I had gave up on it because of the extremely slow start in the beginging of the movie. But some one told me "I might like it" so I gave the movie another chance. And yes indeed I did enjoy watching it. I am not sure if the "World cup" fever played a little bit of part in my liking the movie or not... but here is what I loved about the movie... A new "Akki" a great performance by "Rishi" and an extremely alive supporting star cast... of course Anushka has done full justice to her role but it is not too different from her role in BBB... The story line can be defined in few lines and that is why even the 2 hrs 20 minutes movie seem lenghty in parts... but the execution is great! Rishi has done extremely well in portraying a character who fights for the rights and brings around the change but him self has difficulty to accept that the change he has been fighting for all his life has already happened... Akki greatly under plays his character of Gattu "the ideal son". The most refreshing part of the movie are the well choreographed songs and "the full proof plan"... . The presence of actual international cricketers and commentrators adds a feel of familiarity to the movie. Ofcourse you can't go much wrong with "Shanka-Ehsaan-Loy"'s music, great starcast like Rishi/Dimple/Akki/Anushka and a cricket back drop. It is a win-win for the audience amidst the world Cup bus... a great DVD watch as well. Movie gets *** stars.

Bachana Ae Haseeno:
After a long time, a typical Yash Raj Films. With levish locales from around the world!! What ever every one else says, movie was actually better then my expectations. Frnakly after watching Sawariya, I had given up on Ranbir Kapoor, and was pleasantly surprise to see him in this movie.... He has done a great great great job!!! Be it in dancing or acting... Again nothing new in the story, but movie is executed well. The second half gets a little lengthy and boaring but if you go with no expectations at all you will enjoy the movie... The heroines look gorgeous in the movie, and story line seems written in particular for SRK but Ranbir does a great job in charming the ladies and every one around them... Story has a little bit of hint of DDLJ in the Ranbir/Miniisha track, but to my surprise it does not look fake in the first half, though the same track in the second half looks made up and is a little slow and drag. The track between Ranbir/Bipasha is cool and fast paced in the first half, but it is a little lengthy in the second half but it is still cool making it enjoyable. The track between Dipika and Ranbir is not well developed, actually it is just a bunch of songs but the offscreen chemistry between the two makes it belivable on screen. The gorgeous locales of Europe/Australia, stunning ladies, great performance by Ranbir Kapoor and the original Panchamda track makes it enjoyable movie. Movie gets ***.