Singh is King:
Okay not sure how to rate this movie, watched it on the first day not sure why as I usually don't watch Akki's movies in theater, but well just because it was his home production and was highly pulisized/controvercial and got great reviews I just went and watched the movie...First things first, didn't find anything in the movie that should have raised the controversy going around, and I think every one who has watched the movie will agree. The story line is too thin... and Akki goes over the top almost in every scene... but that's the character... what made the movie watchable is gorgeous Katrina Kaif who looks stunning in every frame, and great acting from supporting cast. Akki is great but I think he has done this type of role a lot lately... it's like SRK's rommance, beaten to death....If he wants to stay around he needs to come up with something new, he definitely has the potential!! The songs are good watch except for the "Bhootani Ke" song. It is a great pleasure to see Snoop Dog sing, "Singh is King" in turban. The movie gets **.

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na:
2008 has been a dull year as far as bollywood out of the box idea or story has presented itself, and that might just be one of the prime reason on how "Jaane tu ya jaane Na" clicked at the box office... Don't take me wrong I think every one has done a fantastic job in the movie... but come tell me how many times have we seen the same old college romance story, or a romance story which ends at the airport with hero chasing the heroine or a movie that starts by narrating a love story of their real life friends... Frankly there was nothing new with the story, not a lot of pulicity was done either atleast in the US... but the movie just clicked by word of mouth... The new thing was fresh new faces, which executed the same old story so brilliantly... and no competition at the box office...People loved this light hearted ramntic comedy, which entertained them fully and was so relatable... Though hats of to Aamir Khan, how greatly he can handle two different subject lines so well....Let us talk performances... every one is great and natural... specially Imran Khan is amazing... Naseerudding Shah, Ratna Pathak are hillarious and adds a nice flavour...Khan brothers are over the top but that works for them....The story is strictly the same but with a new added flavor of "Ranjhor Ke Rathod"... and the whole college mate clan...Nirav Mehta, Karan Makhija, Alishka Varde are great. The chemistry Imran and Genelia is awesome... Prateek Babbar as kranky aritst is belivable...The great ace for the movie... was the music...Aamir Khan knew there was nothing new in the story and the faces were new, so he got the best music director to compose the music and that worked, as music was a hit even before the movie went to theaters... Though is not one of the best by Rahman but it is still great. The movie gets 3 ***.

Sarkar Raj:
After RGV's Sarkar, his next "Sarkar RaJ" was a highly anticipated movie...And being a huge fan of AB senior my expectations were even higher... I have to say Sarkar Raj did not disappoint, though it was not anything out of the box... but the story had it twists and was able to keep us interested till the END... Frankly it did keep us wondering how would the next movie in the same series come up... As far as performances go every one was excellent, be it AB Senior, Junior or the lady... All the supporting cast carried their charcters naturally, be it Dilip Prabhavalkar as Rao Saab or Rajesh Shringarpore as Sajay Somji.... The dark back drop and heavy use of closeups make this movie a pure theater watch... not sure how many people would actually want to watch it on DVD. Movie gets a 2.5 *.