Iron Man:
Iron Man is another super hero movie with a few interesting twists. Though for people who are expecting to see super powered heroes or villans will be a little disappointed after watching this movie but might find something elst to interest them as the movie is full of good stuff. On the character scatch the movie is pretty realistic. Though when it comes down to gadgets it is not. It is more like a 007 movie then like a super hero movie. This movie shows how the "Iron Man" actually develops his identity... as any other first part super hero movie shows. The computer graphics and technology imagingation are amazing in the movie and the most interesting part of the movie. Which will provide amazing entertainment to all the Sci-fi movie lovers. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow as Virginia 'Pepper' Potts have done an excellen job. Though I felt a little cheated when the movie just ended in the middle ....revealing the identity of Iron Man....But I guess that is a way of keeping all the possiblities open for the next part!! The stunning Malibu visuals added a nice and fresh touch to the whole movie, I think that is the advantage to base the hero in California and not in New York as most of other super hero movies... and the mansion of Tony Stark on the cliff of Malibu hills is to die for...The movie is kept light through out with a help of small funny sequences and one liners making it a whole some entertainment. Don't miss to go and catch this movie in theaters. The movie gets A grade.

I was waiting for this movie as of course it had a gorgeous star cast and it is an Abbas Mastan movie... and after watching it I have to say yet again Abbas Mastan proves that they know how to entertain. This action thriller movie has got awesome song sequences and a little forced comedy track to keep you relaxed. The flow of the story keeps you guessing what will happen next, and keeps you involved in the movie almost through out. The star cast has done a great job, special mention for Saif & Akshay. The music of Pritam and visuals of South Africa adds a great flavor, music has always been a plus points for all the Abbas-Mastan movies. Katrina, Bipasha and Sameera brings fresh glamour to the movie. And stunning dance sequences with great sets makes this a definite theater watch of course not to forget awesome action sequences. As far as repeat viewing goes, I wouldn't midn watching the movie again in theater for sure... And it was definitely a treat to watch Anil Kapoor again trying his hand at comedy. The movie get 3.5*.

Jodhaa Akbar:
One of the reasons why I was waiting for this movie is I just adored the on-screen chemistry between Hrithik and Ash. And I must say I was not disappointed on that front in this movie either. The couple looks fabulous together and do the right justice to the roles. Though I should say the movie could have been better. The 3 hour 20 minutes movie does not have enough content to last even for 3 hours. This movie could have been fantastic if was shorten to around 2-2.5 hrs. But that said, I don't want to take anything away from Hrithik and Ash as they have done as mentioned earlier a perfect job. The romance between two of them is capture flawlessly in the movie. Though they could have done without a few war scenes and Khwajaji song. Gowarikar has put some great points forward, marriage between two differnt culture and how life of those two people who have never met before, changes after the marriage. The songs are picturised very tastefully. And leaves an amazing impact. Be it "Jashne bahara" or "In lamho" or "Azimo Shaan". The background score is awesome too. Special remark for Hrithik Roshan who has handled the romantic scenes as well as the war scenes with equal precision. It is a delight to watch Hrithik romancing with Ash. And for that matter the director has done a great job in capturing their emotions on camera. Though because of the length the movie seems a little slow in parts specially in the first half. It picks up after the interval. The end seems a little abrupt, but as they haven't captured the full life time of the "Jodha-Akbar", it does not seem bad. I would have given the movie 2.5*s. But "Hrithik-Ash" chemistry gives the movie an additional 0.5*, bringing the total to ***.