Taare Zammen Par:
Aamir Khan has always been blamed to interfere in director's job. So when he himself decided to wear the directory's cap, the anticipation towards the movie was for sure high. Though he went with a totall differnt story. A story of a kid, whom every one fails to understand. As the movie starts it puts you back to your child hood days, and the movie grows you can feel the frustration and difficulties of the kid. As they have been portrayed fantastically by Darsheel Safary. The bonding between Ishaan and his mom is protrayed pretty well too. You could also easily relate to mom's frustration and helplessness. Aamir has done a fantastic job as a director, the second half of the movie is driven by his efforts, to make Ishaan feel comfortable in the boarding school and with his teachers and family. There are few excellent sequences in the second half, the one when Aamir figures out Ishaan has dsylexia and the one when he talks to his family in Bombay. Or the one where Aamir convinces the principal to keep Ishaan in the school and help him grow. Though I did find some of the dialogues harsh, between Aamir and Ishan's father in Panchgini. But on the whole the movie is great and each any every one should go watch it in theater. Without much efforts it touches a lot of social aspect, and the way world determines the success of any single person. The movie gets ****.

Aaja Nachle:
The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was Madhuri Dixit. And I would say I was not disappointed by her. The movie as every one has mentioned, is like a fairy tale and misses the thump but a lot of people haven't mentioned is the "musical Laila-Majanu" towards the end of the movie is first-rate. If you go by my word the movie has nothing special but the "Laila-Majanu" has been choreographed and performed perfectly. Once the musical starts it drags you into it till the end. Though I think a lot of people would not sit through the movie if they don't know about it. Yash raj should have used this dance to promote the movie so people would want to sit through just for this dance. Acting wise every one has done a great job, including Madhuri Dixit, Konkona Sen Sharma, Kunal Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak, Jugal Hansraj, Sushmita Mukherjee, Akshay Khanna. But there are plenty of loose end in the story. If you like Madhuri's dancing and Vaibhavi's choriography, do make a point to check out the movie on DVD so as to you can fast forward eveyrthing else. The movie gets 1.5*.

Jab We Met:
I loved "Socha Na Tha", so I was quite excited about Imtiaz Ali's next. On top of that I thought the music of this movie was awesome and so were the promos. But unfortunately I couldn't catch the movie in the theater. So just watched this one couple of days before on DVD and guess what I absolutely loved the movie. Imtiaz Ali is great in getting natural performances from his actors. Be it Abhay/Aayesha in "Socha Na Tha" or Kareen/Shahid in "Jab We Met". I did think tough the end was a little bit of a drag, but as it was enjoyable wouldn't put it against the movie. I have heard watching "Kareena" is an absolute pleasure in the movie but I adored "Shahid" too. Certain sequences touched my heard so much. Specially the one where Kareen asks "Mein tumhe bahut acchhi lagati hun" and Shahid's answer "Haan, par vo mera problem hai tumhara nahi".... or "arre tum to bilkul mere jese ho gaye ho", showed how well Imtiaz handles delicate relationship matters. The chmistry between Kareen & Shahid is beyond imagination. I couldn't see them as a couple in "Fida", but in this one they were amazing. And ofcourse the music and dances in the movie are awesome too... I would want to watch this sweet romantic comedy again and again. The movie gets 3.5*.