Om Shanti Om:
My expectations were really high because of all the hype created for this movie and of course I loved "Main Hoon Na", so I was totally looking forward to it. But I must say the movie is not as good as it is hyped up. I know critiques all over the world have loved the movie, but for me it didn't do the magic...The reason could be I knew almost everything there was to know about the movie..Most of the spoofs have been shown in the promos already and there are only a few additional once. The movie is just a collection of those spoofs. After watching all those promos I was curious to see how all those things have been patched together in the story line. But there is nothing much to it, the story line is completely missing. And that is why the movie is likable only in parts. The first half is still fun watching because of the 70 spoofs and building up the 70s characters.(OM, Shanti and Mukesh Mehra). But there is nothing worth mentioning in the second half other than the songs. Deewangi, Dard-e-disco and Daastan all are very catchy and beutifully picturised songs. But it does feel that rather than songs moving around the story, the story moves around the songs. The only other thing making this movie worth a watch is perfomances. SRK is excellent and so is Deepika. The end twist is rapped up to soon, and does not create any impact as there is not enough substance in the story to support the twist. On the whole Om Shanti Om might get repeat DVD audiance but I doubt people would go to the theaters to watch it. The music and choreography deserves a special mention. The movie get ***. 2.5* for the movie and an additional 0.5* for the songs and SRK's six packs.

Director Indra Kumar's latest Dhamaal is a nice fun ride filled with situational comedy. Unlike Ishq which turns into a melodrama towards the end this movie is through and through comedy, though the end might seem a little bit of drag. The story line is quite simple and common a group of people who are trying to get the hidden money -> The upside in the movie is the direction and the performances....In the presence of so many actors Javed Jaffrey for sure manages to still the show. Riteish, Arshad, Sanjay had done a great job. Ashish Chaudhry and Asrani are adequate. Vijay Raz comes in as a plesant surprise and manages to make a mark in a short screen presence. This movie is a great DVD watch but make sure you are not trying to find any logic in it. The movie gets 2.5 *.

Heyy Babyy:
Sajid Khan's first effort as a director -> Heyy Babyy is again a light comedy movie and in absence of any other good options fares well. Of course the highlight of the movie are the songs Mast Kalandar with SRK and the Title song with a lot of differnet heroines and Akshay Kumar. Must say the babby in the movie is really cute. But the movie is slow in parts and have different comic sequences that makes you laugh, but some times the jokes seems forced.... All the actors have done an okay job in the limited opportunities... For Sajid Khan may be he will improve as time goes by ... I wouldn't say it was his best effort but not bad for the first time around. It is strictly a DVD watch -> where you can fast forward the slow pieces/ forced jokes in the movie... The movie gets **.