David Dhawan and Govinda back together -> the anticipation was really high, and Partner in some degree brings back the comedy flare and Govinda is great in his performance but it is more of a Salman movie. The movie has little bit of everything comedy, emotions and drama.... The Chhota Don track is good and gives some good laugh but I would say it would depend on individual choice. Lara Dutta with her fresh new looks stands grt next to Katrina. The music is really catchy and makes you want to dance... I would say make sure to catch this movie, even though nothing extra ordinary it has a fresh feel to the movie, and see how Govinda still can dance the same after a long break. The movie gets ***.

Chak De India:
A great effort by director Shamit Amin and writer Jaideep Sahni. It is awesome how a movie which discusses multiple issues in current indian society can be so entertaining and so uplifting. I absolutely agree with the people who have praised SRK's performance and all - yes he has done a fantastice job but a lot of reviewers have overlooked the fact that this movie has touch based on several current issues which haven't been discussed in a single movie before, and even so the movie is refreshing -> a lot of people have disliked the music too but after watching the movie I have to say this I loved the music. For an SRK movie it has got a dull opening but I am sure the movie is going to pick up. The most important message coming across is the nominal support for our national game !!! And it does not end there another important issue that hasn't been mentioned/noticed by a lot of people -> is how people in India takes every single win and lose personally and how that affects the way they think about the players, and how in no time they can change their opinion about them. I would suggest each and every single person should check out the movie, if not in theater on DVD. It is a fulltime entertaining movie which is high in spirits. This movie get ****. And I am sure it is going to get repeat audiance - me being one of them.

Bourne Ultimatum:
I have always been a fan of Bourne movies and this one is no exception. The movie is great, it keeps you involved and even after all the action and explosions in the movie you are fresh when you come out of the movie. The concept is- what is the purpose of having trained killers and how the whole thing started, it takes you back at the roots and amzingly the movie makes sense - if you don't understand what I am trying to say go check out the movie I am sure you would love it. The best thing though for me was I got to watch the movie in a pre-screening before every one else did :). Matt Daemon has yet again proved him self, and Julia Stiles and nominee Joan Allen have done a great job in the movie as supporting cast. This movie shows that Jason Bourne reaches his goal by getting to know his original identity - so it makes you wander is it the end of the bourne seriese, but there has been mentions of the relationship between Julia Stiles(nicky) and Matt(Jason) 's characters - I guess that would be the base for the next movie. And I am totally looking forward to it, it might not be one of those which keeps you on the edge of seat but I am looking forward to see how director Paul Greengrass and written by Tony Gilroy concludes the seriese. The movie gets an A grade.