Oceans Thirteen:
Okay I haven't watched Oceans Eleven/twelve so I won't be able to give you any comparison but as a movie I liked Oceans Thirteen, it is like a bollywood masala movie with all the hollywood actors you want to watch, in a Vegas back drop - I don't think it can get better then this. The story line up is quite simple with a couple of loose ends here and there but all in all the movie is wholesum entertainment packed with great performances. The movie is about a gand trying to get maximum money out of a brand new Casino on the opening night. The planning and execution for the same is handled very well - though logically thinking one might be able to find one/two loose ends. But I think it makes a great theaterical watch - light moments through out the movie keeps you entertained and the movie is quite direct to the point. It will give it an A- grade.

Pixar movies are usually my favorites and have always been able to amaze me, and believe me this one is no exception. Though I would have to say when I saw the trailer of this movie during CARS I was not so thrilled about the subject line and didn't think it would match up to other pixar movies, but well I must admit this one very well matches upto the other pixar movies. Though my altime favorite pixar is till Incredibles this one does make its mark. Well when you watch a pixar movie the thing which impresses you the most is the storyline and the excellent animation and believe me this one also is packed with an interesting story line and message as well as amazing animation. Showing 100s of animated Rats would have required a lot of efforts on the animators part and on top of that to be able to give them different look so that we can identify one from the other is awesome. And it is fantastic how the message Not any one can become the artist but artist can come from any where has been told so nicely with the story that it is pretty easy to agree to. When I was a little kid we used to listen to a whole bunch of tales which were with rats as character and had a differnet message associated with it, and believe me this one is something like that only, remember the sat puchadio undar or undar ni topi stories, if you have enjoyed those stories as kids make sure you go check this movie out it would be a good drive through memory lane. The movie gets A+ grade.

Cheeni Kum:
Awesome Awesome Awesome movie!!! If you want to see big B getting romantic again go and make sure you watch this one. It is an amazing story which has been executed in a perfact way! Some people have complained about the movie being slow in parts - but I did not feel that at all. A very delicate subject line has been handled in marvelous way. The movie is light through out giving you a full time entertainment with the courage of doing something different. The message coming across is classic too, just because socity is set to operate in a certain pattern does not mean you can't do something different. The actors have done a fantastic job too - yeah for sure the strongest charcter in the movie is played by the big B but Tabu holds her ground strongly too!! And the way they have shown the relationship evolving between the two is fairly acceptable. The on screen chemistry between the two comes across as a fresh sruprise and believe me you will love it. The struggle of asking for marrying a daughter of a man who is younger then him has been captured and portrayed very well by big B and Paresh Rawal gives a fantastic performance as the other party. Zohra Sehgal and Swini Khara have done a great job in the movie providing some witty lines and keeping the pace of the story going and are worth a mention. Full makrs to Balki - on making such a good movie on his first effort. You definitely need to check this one out if not in theater atleast on DVD. The movie gets ****.