In the current rapidly changing technology world it is hard to find someone with all the required skill set and retain them for all the future new technological development. That is where we step in with our services. We work with few different outsourcing companies and bridge the divide between your true needs and their expertise to build stellar products in the following areas:

  • Mobile App Development(IPhone/IPad/Android)
  • Web App Development(C#/ASP.NET/Java/PHP/Perl/Ruby on Rails)
  • CMS(Drupal/Joomla/WordPress)

Our specialization is in working with non technical companies to setup their dream technical solution without hiring a big technical team or relying on individual developers.


  1. If you are a non technical company we can help you convert your idea into technical specification and ultimately to a final product by getting it executed with the right outsourcing company. And since we work with multiple clients at the same time we can get you really competitive rates without the headache of involved negotiations.

  2. If you are a technical company and have your specification ready or are trying to convert your existing product into a different technology we can help you get in touch with the right company and get you the final product with competitive rates and no headache of hiring new team with new skills or going through the involved meetings with the outsourcing companies.

  3. If you are a small company looking for small solution but still want to get a competitive rate with the outsourcing company you can go through us we will take care of all the negotiation headaches and meetings you only deal with us and we will get the project executed for you.

  4. If you are a mid size company and don't want to go through the hassle of setting a whole IT department we can help you get your idea executed to the final product by doing the specification and execution with you.

  5. If you are a large scale company and have a project in mind for which you currently don't have a required skill set we can help you get that executed by handling the hassle of getting in touch with outsourcing company and watching the development to the final product.