My picks for year 2006 - movies and more

Supporting Actors -

1. Sidharth - He has done a fantastic job in RDB. A lot of people think that Aamir Khan is the main protagonist of the movie but for me the main protagonist of the movie is sidharth - he reflects quite a lot of you and me and every one and the way he has gotten into the skin of character is amazing.
2. Boman Irani - Great performance in 2 totally different roles.(Lage raho munnabhai & DON)
3. Sherman Joshi - With two hits (Golmaal & RDB), he had to be in the top 3.

The actors just edged out - Abhishek Bachchan(KANK, Dhoom2), Arshad Warasi(Lage Raho Munnabhai), Tushar Kapoor(Golmaal)

Supporting Actresses - It was a little difficutl to choose top 3 supporting actresses, and I did not want to put Soha in RDB and Preity in KANK as supporting roles, but well I couldn't qualify them as the lead roles either and wanted to acknowledge the fact that they have done a good job so here they are.

1. Soha - Great job in RDB.
2. Bipasha - Dhoom2 & Omkara.
3. Preity - KANK

Songs - It is pretty difficult for me to just pick top 3 songs I like so I am going to have top 10 songs of year 2006.

1. Dhoom again - Dhoom2 - This song has every thing - great tune, great choreography and a great dancer, people might think it being first on my list have something to do with the movie releasing towards the end of the year but I think it would have been my first choice either ways.
2. Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai - Woh Lamhe
3. Apani to Pathshala - RDB
4. Main hun DON - DON
5. Rock n Roll - KANK
6. Khaike Pan - DON
7. E Bhai Hua Kya - Lage Raho Munnabhai
8. Yeh Saajish - Fanna
9. O sathi re - Omkara
10. Chal Chale - Woh Lamhe

A few mentions -

Great Choreography - DON
Great Screenplay & Cinemetography - RDB
Great Clean Comedy - Golmaal

My Recommendations:

Movies worth watching in theatre - RDB, Krish, Fanna, Lage Raho Munnabhai, DON, Dhoom2
Movies watchabel on DVD - Coroporate, DOR, Umraoujaan, KANK, Chup Chup ke, Hum Ko diwana kar gaye, Aapaki Khatir, Phir Hera Pheri, Baabul, Woh Lamhe