A few things from my thought book,

SRK Hall of Fame Date 06/30/2011

For past few months we have been watching some of our favorite SRK movies and I am surprised to see that even after such a long time, the best of SRK always works for entertainment purposes. Some of the movies which I didn't think were worth the hype somehow worked real magic on me this time around. My SRK hall of fame movie marathon - which is spread over almost two months of viewing consist of the following movies. Swades (2004) - This movie has always been incredibly close to my heart... SRK has been great in potraying the role of "Mohan Bhargav" - though just hearing the story might make it hard to believe while watching the movie... Mohan Bhargave journey and thought process is easy to relate with... and full points goes to SRK for working that out.... Chak De! India (2007) - The uplifiting effect of the movie has always worked with me and this time also it was no different... It is great to see SRK's charm work the magic on something other than the on screen "Romance".... DDLJ (1995) - I have to say this - the first time I watched DDLJ I was not impressed - the movie seemed to me about a "spoiled brat" and seemed to encourage a completely different chain of thought then what I was used to....I know lot of people had watched and admired the movie a lot but I was for sure not one of them... and I was not the one who had watched that movie multiple times either.... but when I watched it again out of just it being part of one of SRK's most appreciated movie ( I had to include it in SRK's hall of fame) I was pleasantly surprised on how much I admired the movie... It was fun and entertaining and SRK and Kajol's chemistry is amazing....the songs and dance sequences and locales added additional beauty to the movie... It was fresh refreshing watch... may be I was just not old enough to appreciate the movie when I watched it the first time.... K3G (2001) - What a power house film... Big names in even bigger role.... K3G has been my favorite for multiple reasons.... the most important being Sr. AB breaking down for the Birthday surprise in "Shava Shava" which is a good enough reason for me to watch that movie again and again even today....But seeing SRK, Hrithik and Big B share the screen is another big reason I would keep on watching this movie every now and then for coming years.... K2H2 (1998) - This was the film which changed my thought process for SRK.... before this movie I alwasy thought SRK is an over rated actor and people are crazy about him for no reason... this movie changed it and changed it big time... I liked the movie so much when I watched it for the first time that the very next day I went ahead and watched it again.... And since then every signle opportunity that I have had to watch this movie I have seezed it... it is incredible how KJo brings 2 different level of chemistry alive between SRK and Kajol... The second half of the movie is amazing... The finess with which KJo has captrued 30+ love story is amazing... the awkwardness of two close friends meeting after a long time and falling in love has been portrayed to the perfection....This is and will always be one of my most favorite of SRK's and all points to the trio of KJo, SRK and Kajol.... One thing in common in all of the above movies - is while watching them again none of those movie seemed dated.... and that is a great accomplishment for all of those movies... I am going to continue SRK hall of fame with one more watch "KANK" .... and then will go into AB Second innings hall of fame.... stay tuned....

From "Underdog"(1983) to the "Favorites"(2011) India's World Cup Journey Date 04/04/2011

Though India's performance in the 2011 World Cup has been scatchy to begin with the end was perfect!! Great Match, Great Win(Knock out rounds only)! Though for the people of my generation it is like a dream come true (literally)... this is not the first time India has won the world cup. In 1983 when India entered the World Cup tournament it was considered the "Underdog" versus when India entered the World Cup tournament in 2011 it was considered the favorite. And the whole journey from the "Underdog" to the "Favorite" has been phenomenal. India has seen some great cricketer through this journey and has seen some very disappointing results... The worst being the "Heartbreak" of "2003" when after reaching the final with glorious play losing it in an extremely disappointing one sided final. Or the semifinal "abandonment" against Sri Lanka in 1997... Though the consolation is both the times the winning team end up winning the world cup. Not to mention the early exit in 2007.. And may be the bitter memories of the "2003" final was a little bit of factor behind the early exit of Tendulkar or Sehwag or 6.00 rr bowling for Zaheer... The first timers(of world cup final) did great in bringing team India to the victory and to the "aluded" cup!! May be all that was needed was a fresh perspective of "WE CAN"...

God helps them who help them selves? Seriously?? Date 03/24/2011

Japan - it was said in my mother tongue "Ugata suraj no desh"... meaning the country of loyal and hard working people. The recent tregedy hitting Japan has made me think... how much truth is there in all the sayings that we have "God helps them who help them seleves" or "Good things happend to good people" I am not talking about "Japan" as a country here, but let us talk about the people of Japan, and the tregedy they have been going through. First the quake then the Tsunami and then the nuclear reactor issues - and now raised radio active levels in tap water and most of the food. Recently I have come across quite a few articles that talk about how well the people of Japan are behaving under major cirisis. They are not moaning to cameras, or blaming the goverment or looting or claiming discrimnation or complaining about long lines or slow response - they are trying to do everything in their power to make the situation better. And that is their usual mantality. Which have sprung them back from any and every tregedy. But doesn't this mean that "Japanese are trying to do everything in their power to help them selves?".. And if god is suppose to help them why are they fighting all 3 of these tregedy at the same time.. and why isn't the situation improving?! Or aren't those the "signs" of "Good Person" then where is the "Good Thing" that is suppose to happen... where? I know these should be the questions coming out as an out cry from people of Japan... but sitting here as an outsider and witnessing this sure makes me question why "Japan" why?!