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AB's Blog - My take Date 05/02/2008

It is day 14 since the great AB sr. has started bloging, and to every one's surprise he has been pretty regular at it. Knowing his dedication to work I am sure it is going to last as long as he lives now that he is totally hooked to blogging. Though how cool it is to be a part of day to day life of such a big legend, think about all the wisdom he is going to deliver our way... AB has always said that an open book life is part and parcel of being a celebrity and that is why I guess he is so comfortable in sharing little details of his life even as little as his asthma...And it seems he is so much involved into blogging as he gathers his strength to come back and write even when his health is giving him a little trouble. Some where I think he is trying to feel the void that has been left in his life after the departure of his mother late Mrs. Teji Bachchan...And it is always makes you feel great to interact with thousands of people who idolize you...And that is what will keep him going, even if he comes accross some criticism. Do you want to be the part of his day to day life, share your ideas with him and his ideas with you... Then be a regular on his blog at, AB's blog. I am sure every one will find something of their interest.

What is the right thing to do -> a never ending dilema - Date 08/29/2007

I have been watching Mahabharat lately, an amazing tale which according to the normal beliefs teaches you what not to do. And the most interesting and valuable lessons coming right from the Loard Krishna as the Bhagawat Gita which does teach you a lot of life lessons. But frankly, it does make me wonder. The soul origin of the Bhagawat Gita was Arjun's dilema of what is the right thing to do?.... Arjun had 2 options to have a war against his own family for his and his brother's real rights which would cause a disaster for the whole Bharat Vansh or to accept the current circumstances as is not because he was affraid of war but because the war was against his own family and elders -> and the confusion was genuine. Lucky him that Lord Krishna was there to help him make the right choices, but some of the reasonings were difficult to interprete and accept. Like Breaking the rules in favor of Dharma Vijay is not Adharma? -> (Jeva Sathe Teva? )-> is not adharma if your ultimate goal is Dharma Vijay -> but again the definition of Dharama changes by person as there is no general way of defining what is dharma or the right thing to do... In other words you are doing the right thing as long as you are convinced that you are doing it for Dharma?? Anyways I guess I am deviating from the topic, I did not start this to interprete Bhagawat Gita -> but my thought is we face this dilema day in day out, some of them are as big as trying to figure out what is the right thing to do, should we fight against the corrupt system or should we accept it as a routine way of a life and be a part of it to get things done...and some of them are as small as lying about something because you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and the lie is making everyone's life a little more comfortable - is it okay to do so? is white lie acceptable? -> what do you do when you are faced with a situation where you are not able to decide what is the right thing to do? And even after taking the decision haven't you always wondered what would it be like if you would have decided against your decision??

What is up with bollywood - Date 05/11/2007

Okay year 2006 ended with a big dash with Dhoom2 - and the same way the year 2007 started with a big dash with Guru - but what happened after that!? It is MAY - almost half way through the year 2007 and we don't have any note worthy movies after Guru ?!! Yeah there is The Namesake, Provoked - but well they did not do good on the box office either- what is going on?? And on the other hand there is Spider Man 3 - which opened to packed theaters in India - putting it along side Krishh and Dhoom2 - check out box office report on rediff or at indiafm!! I guess the taste of indian movie goer is changing and now they don't want to go to theater for a movie which fails to provide the desired entertainment. Well, they do have options now - take a look back at 2006 - great movies through out the year, and once they are used to those kind of movies, obviously 2007 was disappointing for them and then comes Spiderman-3 in not only Hindi but Bhojpuri, Tamil, Telugu - putting it in direct competition with not only the bollywood movies but also regional movies. And if this trend is continued, the bollywood movies will be in direct competition with hollywood movies, which will force them to improve the quality and reduce the quantity. So get ready to see some real changes the way bollywood movies are made and anyways now that big production houses are taking over it is going to be a whole different scenario. Though a lot of small budget movies are really good, I am just hoping in this new scenario they also find a way to survive - in this time when even a big budget Yash Raj movie with A class star cast bombs at box office - it will surely be tough. But it will be in our hand to make sure that the good movies gets their due and survives.