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Is it the right time for Ash to get married?- Date 02/13/2007

Yeah I know it has been all over the internet and media and people have discussed each and every single thing relating to Abhi-Ash wedding and if Ash is good enough for Abhi and when they will get married and so on... But today I want to bring up a differnet topic - is this the right decision for Ash? For some reason I am trying to understand why Ash is always getting involved in a serious relationship when she is on top of her career and can go places.... Think about it - the last time Ash had an as good year as 2006 was when Taal and HDDCS proved that not only she is beautiful but she has got lots of dancing and acting talent .... and remember what happened next? After that she got booted out of a number of high profile movies because of her involvement with Salman Khan... and it took her 2-3 years to recover what she lost at that time... and now when she is slowly moving towards the number one position, is her decision to get married and settle down right?? That too going into Bachchan Family - one of the most conservative film family?? See what happened as soon as she got engaged, the best scene from the movie Dhoom2 got cut out.....may be one of the scene for which Ash and Hrithik put in all their efforts... And if I am a director or an actor would I be willing to work with Ash again after this experience - most probably not... yeah she will get a lot of endorsement and may be movies with Abhishek but that would be as Mrs. Abhishek Bachchan and not as Aishwarya Rai - is that what she is looking for.... Why again at this point she is ready to give up every thing for which she has worked and struggled really hard, just because she wants this relationship to work? And why can't Abhishek Bachchan wait for her to atleast enjoy the glory she is basking in currently...And we havn't seen Abhishek - Ash talking about each other or the engagement in media as much as we have seen Mr. Bachchan - it looks to me that Abhi and Ash never wanted to declare it in media till Ash has reached her career goal but may be Bachchan Family was thinking in a different way - may be the sour memories of Abhi's first engagement pushed them to do so - what ever may be the reason...but to me it does not seem like Ash is lucky or she is making a right decision- the girl needs to get a perspective and needs to learn when to put her foot down - she is representing women of india in the whole world and she needs to put her thoughts out firmly.

Last month in bollywood - Date 01/23/2007

It has been a long time since I have written something under this section - frankly have been a little busy lately - and that drove me to a stage where I didn't feel like doing anythig, any ways I am charged and am back. Had a few thoughts in past days what to write about and as I did not write on those subjects seperately, I am putting them all together in one writeup.... It seems like bollywood is passing through the best phase ever....not a single actor is rulling over it delivering power pack performances...but every Friday you are in for a great treat for a new power pack performace... Beginging of 2006 it was Aamir Khan & Gang in RDB and begining of 2007 it is Bachchan Family in Guru, not to forget that 2006 had a grand end too with Hrithik stealing the show in Dhoom2....I wanted to write about Abhi-Ash engagement, though lately every single new page/website I have been reading people are talking about the engagement and what next - I feel it is a little too Abhi-Ash for now so we will revisit this may be around their wedding.... just as a side note, I thought the Hrithik-Ash kissing seen was an amazing capture of the most emotional moment in Dhoom2, a perfect end of the perfect sequence - and didn't like the news of it being chopped off from the movie... not quite sure how Hrithik and Ash feels about it but I don't feel okay with it... well I know no one cares... but it is just a POV, and if the Bachchan family is behind this I have lost a little respect for them. Anyways, when the superstars in making were busy delivering the best performances, the current superstar was busy trying to fit in the shoes of the Super Star of all time - yeah I am talking about SRK trying to carry on KBC - I happened to check out the first episode of KBC with SRK and what a fantastic job by SRK. He was able to carry forward some of the styles big B had in the show at the same time introducing a few of his own... this way he would be able to ease in the transition on audiance.... looked like he had done a lot of homework and it for sure paid off... Critics loved him and for audiance, I am pretty sure every one in India now got a reason to tune in to KBC - believe me it is great fun having this casual meeting with him- though sometimes you feel he is trying too hard but those moments are scattered and not always noticable., I am just afraid if ability to watch him on the TV 4 nights in a week is going to degrade his box office value?!....He is his charming self trying to carry on all the pluses the show had before....the best scene for me from the first episode, when SRK blushes, on asked, what is the secret of his SEX APEAL :) -well ofcourse homework didn't prepare him for every question, but he recovered and answered well!!! It was a kodak moment, and you for sure gotta watch it !!

See SRK blushing

What is feminism after all - Date 12/29/2006

Most of the time I have seen the term feminism being used in only a segment of its wide context. Most of us try and use it where ever we see it helping our point of interest - that is a little selfish don't you thinks so?. I think the word feminism and equal rights for men and women are quite related - mostly becasue the inequality with what men and women are treated actually originated the concept of feminism. Okay to begin with I don't like the way the work system is divided, but I couldn't find a better way to put it then to use the work system in place, come on I can't deny the fact that world wide the work system as of now is divided that some of the work is done by the woman of the house and other work by the man of the house. I wish there wouldn't be such a division but as some one very near to me puts it you have notions and you have reality, you can't have notions which are unrealistic and live a happy life, you come to terms with reality and deal with it by compromising your notions a bit. So let us see where do we use it and where we don't, when it comes to getting the house hold chores most of us put the feminism in front and ask the man in the house to contribute as much as they can and not let them brag about it - okay it would be only fair if at the same time we don't brag about all the work we do which is intended to be done by the man we don't make a fuss about it and just do it normally. We don't need any reservations for woman any where starting from eductation to getting a job to sitting in a bus, that is a thing which is putting us behind to begin with. I always feel annoyed when I read first woman to do this or first woman to do that - okay what is with the first woman thing, come on equality means equality in each and every aspect - so it should be either first person to do this or second person to do this and not first woman - Again we are trying to reduce our competition by this - not a way to achieve equality. And mind well it implies to man as much as to woman - I have seen a lot of man bragging about I don't think the work should be divided, and the same person saying oh I help around the house a lot - well there you just did differnetiated, didn't you!!! This discussion can go on an on from getting a gift to proposing and so on, but I have to stop somewhere - so let me put a full stop here - you know what I am trying to say, but before ending I would definitely say that at the same time I do believe that a preganant woman should get all the special rights and treatments, as she is carrying the life of 2 people - and should be treated differently then any other person who carries one life.